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Cheap weed aren’t good and good weed aren’t cheap

Medical and recreational Cannabis, indoors and light deps.  We stay stocked up with a great variety weekly. My team and I work like any other […]

1000 $ 1 days ago

Cannabis Dispensary Near Me in Jacksonville FL

Cannabis Dispensary Near Me in Jacksonville FL Jacksonville Arrowhead Medical Dispensary Location 10339 San Jose Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32257 Contact 904-544-7760 Hours Mon-Fri: 9:00am-9:00pm Sat: […]

$ 9 days ago

Best OG Strain For Stress Relief

Best OG Strain For Stress Relief O and G are two letters you’ll often see together before many beloved cannabis strains. Rumour has it that […]

$ 9 days ago

Cannabis Ice Cream

Edibles have taken the cannabis market by storm. There’s a whole slew of incredible, tasty treats on the market today. You’ve likely come across your […]

$ 10 days ago

Cannabis Infused Coffee

Cannabis Infused Coffee Do you enjoy coffee first thing in the morning? How about a little wake and bake? What if you could start your […]

$ 10 days ago

Chocolate Bar Edibles Make Microdosing Easy

Chocolate Bar Edibles Make Microdosing Easy Few people can resist the smooth, rich flavor of a quality chocolate bar. The only thing that can make […]

$ 11 days ago

Indoor Fire Cannabis Units 323-418-7177

Indoor Fire Cannabis Units Text/Call/Facetime 323-418-7177 $1200 a unit $100 oz Strains: Gelato, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, Bubba Kush

$ 20 days ago

Greenhouse Cannabis Units

Text or call 323-696-0229 $1000 a unit $100 and oz Strain: Wedding Cake or Bruce Banner

$ 20 days ago

Gorilla Cookies Auto Cannabis Seeds

Seedstockers outdid themselves once again With Gorilla Cookies Auto, creating another affordable monster strain! This autoflower lets the competition eat the dust in terms of […]

$ 25 days ago

$150 and ounce donation – patients only

Blue dream or bubba kush hand trimmed 323-696-0229

$ 30 days ago
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