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Sweet and irresistibly fresh just like the Italian dessert, the autoflowering Gelato Auto marijuana strain is rapidly commanding the love and respect of cannabis aficionados. The secret to its success lies in the infallible combination of its cherry-like aroma, unparalleled potency and easy-to-keep autoflowering genetic build. The best part is that the flavorful hits of Auto Gelato are available to you throughout the day – no consequences, just long-lasting bursts of energy and creativity.

The Scoop Of High That Never Ends
Not many Autos out there can boast a 23% THC level that automatically places them in the league of heavy hitters, but Auto Gelato is one of them. Its high comes out of nowhere with the inhale, brings immense relaxation and stays in the body for hours. The resulting relaxed state of body and mind is a perfect base for the multidimensional effect of Gelato Auto, which combines waves of euphoria with an ongoing creativity flow – great for brainstorming or art sessions in the company of friends.

Auto Gelato: Taste And Aroma To Die For
This is no overstatement! It’s thanks to the naturally delicious terpenes and flavonoids that Gelato Auto is so reminiscent of the classic dessert. Inhaling this sweet little bud, you’ll be served an entrée of velvet cherry and dank earth, followed up by the sugary intermingling of mint and caramel. The exhale leaves you full and satisfied as the citrus-like flavors continue to linger on the palate.

Auto Gelato: Perfect Grow In A Jiff
As a real autoflower, Auto Gelato will be ready to harvest in a record 10-12 weeks from seed. Extreme vigor makes this girl a great addition to any grower’s garden. Plant the seed, forget about it, and harvest up to 650g/m2 (2.13 oz/ft2) or 500g (17.6 oz/plant) of dense, smelly buds in a jiff.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get the purple pheno for that ultimate bag appeal.
With a maximum height of 110cm, this plant won’t be noticed by unwanted eyes.
Auto Gelato has a pyramid-like structure. It’s heavy bottom branches could use trellis support.
Thought-Through Genetics
Auto Gelato came to be one of the most appealing Cookies crosses ever created. Her parents are Gelato #33, Auto NL and Auto Critical, all strains well-established in their categories. This explains how Auto Gelato remains potent and flavorful while delivering top yields and benefitting from autoflowering traits, all at the same time.



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