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Seedstockers outdid themselves once again With Gorilla Cookies Auto, creating another affordable monster strain! This autoflower lets the competition eat the dust in terms of potency – 23-26% THC – and huge yields. Luckily, this reward won’t come at a huge cost – Gorilla Cookies Auto is super easy to grow and delivers lovely cream-flavored buds in just 11-12 weeks from seed to harvest!

Gorilla Cookies Auto Strain Info
Is Gorilla Cookies Auto a Sativa or an Indica? Neither – it’s a perfectly balanced hybrid! Facts are facts – Seedstockers did a great job and created yet another potency champion for day or night use.

The family tree of Gorilla Cookies Auto includes two Gorilla descendants known for their knock-out effects: Gorilla Cookies and Gorilla Glue Auto.

Flowering Time
The flowering time of Gorilla Cookies Auto is quite short and will even allow for several outdoor harvests per season in most places. Expect to pick buds in 11-12 weeks total.

Whether indoors or out, Gorilla Cookies Auto won’t disappoint come harvest time; according to the breeder, yields will be nothing other than “huge.”

While the yields might break your scales, the effects of Gorilla Cookies Auto are what will earn all the attention. Expect a long-lasting and extremely potent high perfect for get-togethers with friends or enjoying movies and music on your own. A couple of tokes and you’ll be as chill and happy as you can get.

THC Levels
The THC content of this monster strains is through the roof, testing at 23-26% THC. This means newbie tokers should start slow and treat Gorilla Cookies Auto with caution.

Smell and Taste
The terpene profile of Gorilla Cookies Auto inherits the best terpenes from its parent strains. Expect a flavor full of cream, delightful sweetness, and a touch of classic Gorilla earthiness.

Grow Tips
Gorilla Cookies Auto can become the perfect first strain for newbie growers experienced in smoking potent strains.

It thrives in optimized grow rooms under full-spectrum LED lights.
Buds are extra resinous and make for flavorful vapor and potent concentrates.
Gorilla Cookies Auto Seeds
Gorilla Cookies Auto is a new autoflower strain on the market that’s already making waves! Be sure to try these feminized seeds for yourself, already available at Herbies with stealth shipping and free seeds as a bonus.



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