I regret to inform you I have to shutdown Sun Token


Sun Token is going on a “high-atus” 🙂

Sun Token has been the functional art project of Hector Campos since 2016. With a heavy heart I must take a break despite growing demand and new global distributors contacting me.

It has always been a one-man business, and I am not a savvy business man 🙂 I must focus on my future projects, my path as a teacher and student, my job as a wilderness educator, and my family.

The remaining ~30 Sun Tokens are being sold from my private collection, prices are going to go up incrementally until absurdity. I apologize, this is to justify letting go of some of my final works. Get one while you can!

If investors or other businesses would like to re-release the Sun Token, don’t hesitate to collaborate with me. I could never do it the justice it deserves- we just need a talented team who already does things like this all the time. It has wowed people like many products never do and I’ve spent virtually nothing on marketing. I would have loved to take it to a big trade show like Champs, but never had the resources. Still, there are odd wood objects sitting all over the world bearing the brand.

Thank you!



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